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2019-11-14Add to_stream(ostream, path, bool)Karen Arutyunov1-6/+22
2019-10-29Only enable backtrace support on Linux if using glibcBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2019-10-08Fix 'unused variable' warning issued by Clang on WindowsKaren Arutyunov1-0/+3
2019-10-07Adapt tests for building with Clang on WindowsKaren Arutyunov1-3/+3
2019-10-01Move path match to path-pattern.?xxKaren Arutyunov1-0/+2
2019-09-28Swap entry and pattern parameters in path_match()Karen Arutyunov2-165/+168
2019-09-28Rename casecmp() function and case_compare_[c_]string structs to icasecmp() a...Karen Arutyunov1-14/+14
2019-09-27Add support for bracket expressions in wildcard pattern matchingKaren Arutyunov1-2/+68
2019-09-27Add support for builtin escaping to command running APIKaren Arutyunov1-0/+10
2019-09-27Add builtins support to command running APIKaren Arutyunov2-2/+37
2019-09-27Add builtins supportKaren Arutyunov15-0/+1992
2019-08-27Fix backslash escaping in windows process argumentsKaren Arutyunov1-8/+64
2019-08-23Fix some testscripts failing if project path contain spacesKaren Arutyunov2-2/+2
2019-08-22Add extra_dir parameter for load_default_options()Karen Arutyunov2-11/+105
2019-08-21Don't load default options from directories which subdirectory contains --no-...Karen Arutyunov3-26/+177
2019-08-14Add load_default_options() function template overload that accepts tracing fu...Karen Arutyunov1-3/+5
2019-08-12Add default options loading and merging APIKaren Arutyunov3-0/+302
2019-08-12Use new fdstream constructorBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2019-08-12Apply previous fix to fdstream::open()Boris Kolpackov1-21/+27
2019-08-12Add few fdstream constructor overloadsBoris Kolpackov2-5/+5
2019-08-01Combine multiple single-character flags into a single argument for testscript...Karen Arutyunov2-10/+10
2019-06-03Fix missing for Windows traits alias renamingKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1
2019-06-03Rename traits alias to traits_type for basic_path, basic_url, and string_tabl...Karen Arutyunov2-8/+8
2019-05-30Improve backtrace testKaren Arutyunov2-17/+83
2019-05-28Add backtrace()Karen Arutyunov3-0/+129
2019-05-24Increase standard and semantic versions major, minor, and patch max values up...Karen Arutyunov3-148/+70
2019-05-11Fix the 'possible loss of data' 32-bit VC warningKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1
2019-05-03Partially dismantle modularization using Modules TS semanticsBoris Kolpackov80-170/+118
2019-04-25Add parse_manifest() and serialize_manifest() functionsKaren Arutyunov1-187/+299
2019-04-15Add fdread() and fdselect()Karen Arutyunov2-44/+98
2019-04-08Add support for manifest_serializer long lines modeKaren Arutyunov1-5/+25
2019-03-23Cleanup some files replacing tabs with spacesKaren Arutyunov2-16/+16
2019-03-23Add command running APIKaren Arutyunov3-0/+418
2019-03-13Add workarounds for all cl releases until 20.00Karen Arutyunov2-2/+4
2019-03-01Add '\n' to regex_replace_*() substitution escape sequencesKaren Arutyunov1-0/+7
2019-02-16Fix non-detecting dangling junctions if built with mingw gccKaren Arutyunov2-3/+58
2019-02-15Fix directory symlinks support on WindowsKaren Arutyunov2-2/+50
2019-01-30Add support for $ in standard version constraintKaren Arutyunov2-10/+150
2019-01-21Fix b-info test to properly run in project source directoryKaren Arutyunov1-1/+4
2019-01-16Update copyright yearKaren Arutyunov98-98/+98
2019-01-16Add b_info() that runs `b info` command and parses and returns build2 project...Karen Arutyunov3-0/+209
2019-01-13Improve standard version APIKaren Arutyunov2-41/+206
2019-01-08Add support for filtering during manifest parsing and serializationKaren Arutyunov2-12/+41
2018-12-15Add manifest_rewriter classKaren Arutyunov2-0/+193
2018-12-15Add support for fdstream positioningKaren Arutyunov1-0/+280
2018-12-03Suppress MSVC warnings at project levelBoris Kolpackov1-0/+6
2018-12-01Change path_search() to only match directory absent components in 'match abse...Karen Arutyunov1-29/+105
2018-11-30Add match_absent flag for path_{search,match}() functionsKaren Arutyunov2-9/+101
2018-10-09Add support for rootless URLsKaren Arutyunov2-25/+82
2018-08-22Add support for UUID generationBoris Kolpackov2-0/+105