AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
15 hoursTry to re-exec POSIX process after "text file busy" failure for 450msHEADmasterKaren Arutyunov1-6/+21
34 hoursAdd path_name_view structBoris Kolpackov3-49/+150
3 daysAdd to_stream(ostream, path, bool)Karen Arutyunov4-12/+60
4 daysAdd add constructor and remove comparison for path_name_value classKaren Arutyunov2-24/+13
5 daysFix basic_path_name_value::operator=() overloads to return *thisKaren Arutyunov1-0/+4
6 daysAdd path_name_value structKaren Arutyunov3-3/+94
10 daysAdd path_name struct, open_file_or{stdin,stdout}() functionsBoris Kolpackov4-12/+116
2019-10-31Fix unhandled invalid_path exception in path_search()Karen Arutyunov1-13/+16
2019-10-29Only enable backtrace support on Linux if using glibcBoris Kolpackov3-7/+10
2019-10-09Define small_size constant in small containersBoris Kolpackov3-0/+6
2019-10-08Fix 'unused variable' warning issued by Clang on WindowsKaren Arutyunov1-0/+3
2019-10-08Make path_traits::*_separator constants initialization constexprBoris Kolpackov1-4/+4
2019-10-08Add process_path::clear_recall()Boris Kolpackov2-1/+19
2019-10-07Adapt tests for building with Clang on WindowsKaren Arutyunov1-3/+3
2019-10-07Add ability to specify custom path list in process::path_search()Boris Kolpackov3-28/+56
2019-10-06Adapt for building with Clang on WindowsKaren Arutyunov1-3/+3
2019-10-05Add sha{1,256}::reset()Boris Kolpackov4-8/+20
2019-10-05Add sha{1,256}::empty()Boris Kolpackov4-4/+28
2019-10-02Add CONTRIBUTING.md that points to our Community pageBoris Kolpackov2-1/+4
2019-10-01Move path match to path-pattern.?xxKaren Arutyunov8-742/+840
2019-09-28Swap entry and pattern parameters in path_match()Karen Arutyunov4-172/+175
2019-09-28Rename casecmp() function and case_compare_[c_]string structs to icasecmp() a...Karen Arutyunov7-46/+44
2019-09-27Add support for bracket expressions in wildcard pattern matchingKaren Arutyunov4-49/+632
2019-09-27Add support for builtin escaping to command running APIKaren Arutyunov3-1/+26
2019-09-27Add builtins support to command running APIKaren Arutyunov4-42/+124
2019-09-27Add builtins supportKaren Arutyunov23-2/+9027
2019-09-25Use more general description for STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN program exit sta...Karen Arutyunov1-11/+18
2019-09-25Get rid of used uninitialized GCC warningBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2019-09-05Minor improvement to path_traits::compare()Boris Kolpackov1-2/+5
2019-09-04Minor improvement to path_traits::find_extension()Boris Kolpackov1-2/+5
2019-08-27Fix backslash escaping in windows process argumentsKaren Arutyunov2-11/+89
2019-08-23Fix some testscripts failing if project path contain spacesKaren Arutyunov2-2/+2
2019-08-22Quote directory paths in buildspecsKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1
2019-08-22Make use of sanitize_identifier()Karen Arutyunov2-19/+3
2019-08-22Add extra_dir parameter for load_default_options()Karen Arutyunov4-55/+194
2019-08-21Don't load default options from directories which subdirectory contains --no-...Karen Arutyunov6-104/+382
2019-08-21Add sanitize_identifier() utility functionBoris Kolpackov2-0/+34
2019-08-16Make load_default_options() to throw pair<path, system_error> instead of syst...Karen Arutyunov3-27/+60
2019-08-14Add load_default_options() function template overload that accepts tracing fu...Karen Arutyunov4-24/+52
2019-08-14Add mkanylink() filesystem functionBoris Kolpackov2-2/+75
2019-08-12Add default options loading and merging APIKaren Arutyunov5-0/+583
2019-08-12Use new fdstream constructorBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2019-08-12Apply previous fix to fdstream::open()Boris Kolpackov2-41/+51
2019-08-12Fix fdstream fdopen_mode ctors to better match ios::openmode semanticsBoris Kolpackov1-2/+18
2019-08-12Add few fdstream constructor overloadsBoris Kolpackov5-43/+105
2019-08-07Add -s option to `b info` command run by b_info()Karen Arutyunov1-0/+1
2019-08-01Add ODB container traits for small_vectorKaren Arutyunov1-0/+67
2019-08-01Combine multiple single-character flags into a single argument for testscript...Karen Arutyunov2-10/+10
2019-07-22Zero-initialize scheme in basic_url default constructor to suppress 'may be u...Karen Arutyunov1-1/+1
2019-07-05Use __linux__ macro instead of __linuxKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1