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Make package to be source rather than stub
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+@@ Should we enable/make configurable Native Language Support? See --enable-nls
+ configure option (off by default, at least for locale with
+ LANG=en_US.UTF-8), ENABLE_NLS macro, libintl.h, src/interfaces/libpq/po/ for
+ details.
+@@ Should we make configurable OpenSSL support? See --with-openssl configure
+ option, fe-secure-openssl.c (should also be compiled/linked), USE_OPENSSL
+ macro for details.
+@@ Should we make configurable LDAP support? See --with-ldap configure option,
+ USE_LDAP macro.
+@@ Should we make configurable GSSAPI support? See --with-gssapi configure
+ option, ENABLE_GSS macro.