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Update Visual Studio instructions in intro
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@@ -368,12 +368,7 @@ $ bdep init -C @clang cc config.cxx=clang++
Things will also look pretty similar if you are on Windows instead of a
UNIX-like operating system. For example, to initialize our project on Windows
-with Visual Studio, start the Visual Studio development command prompt and
-then run:
-\N|Currently we have to run \c{build2} tools from a suitable Visual Studio
-development command prompt. This requirement will likely be removed in the
+with Visual Studio, start a command prompt and then run:
> bdep init -C ..\hello-debug @debug cc ^
@@ -386,6 +381,20 @@ future.|
+\N|For Visual Studio, \c{build2} by default will use the latest available
+version and build for the \c{x86_64} target (\c{x64} in the Microsoft's
+terminology). You can, however, override these defaults by either running
+from a suitable Visual Studio development command prompt or by specifying
+an absolute path to \c{cl.exe} that you wish to use. For example:
+> bdep init -C ..\hello-debug-32 @debug-32 cc ^
+ \"config.cxx=...\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.23.28105\bin\Hostx64\x86\cl.exe\"
+ ...
\N|Besides the \c{coptions} (compile options) and \c{loptions} (link options),
other commonly used \c{cc} module configuration variables are \c{poptions}
(preprocess options) and \c{libs} (extra libraries to link). Here is the
@@ -1841,8 +1850,7 @@ created new configuration in /tmp/tools/
$ cd tools
-The same step on Windows using Visual Studio would look like this (again,
-remember to run this from the Visual Studio development command prompt):
+The same step on Windows using Visual Studio would look like this:
$ bpkg create -d tools cc ^