This is the build2 toolchain amalgamation. It includes the build system (build2), package dependency manager (bpkg), project dependency manager (bdep), and their prerequisite libraries as subprojects. Note that while the MAJOR.MINIOR version components in the amalgamation and subprojects always match, the PATCH components are incremented more or less independently. Specifically, whenever a new patch release of a subproject is published, an updated amalgamation with an incremented PATCH component is released as well. build2 is an open source, cross-platform toolchain for building and packaging C++ code. Its aim is a modern build system and dependency manager for the C++ language that provide a consistent, out of the box interface across multiple platforms and compilers. For more information see: https://build2.org/ See the INSTALL file for the prerequisites and installation instructions. See the doc/ directory for documentation. Send questions, bug reports, or any other feedback to the users@build2.org mailing list. You can post without subscribing. See https://lists.build2.org for searchable archives, posting guidelines, etc.