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+Version 0.3.0
+ * Command line options and arguments can now be specified in any order. This
+ is especially useful if you want to re-run the previous command with -v:
+ bpkg update libfoo -v
+ * The pkg-build command will now offer to drop prerequisite packages that
+ are no longer necessary. This can happen if a package that is being
+ upgraded or downgraded changes its prerequisite set. You can use the
+ --keep-prerequisite option to suppress this behavior.
+ * The pkg-build command now updates all packages at once (with a single
+ build system invocation) instead of sequentially one at a time. This
+ should improve performance, especially once parallelism is supported.
+ * The rep-create command now loads the description-file and changes-file
+ files from the package archives and includes their contents inline into
+ the 'packages' manifest file.
+Version 0.2.0
+ * First public release.