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Offer to update dependents in pkg-build, add options to pkg-{build,drop}
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Version 0.4.0
+ * The pkg-build command now offers to automatically update dependent
+ packages that were reconfigured.
+ It also supports the following new options: --drop-prerequisite|-D,
+ --update-dependent|-U, --leave-dependent|-L, as well as the -K alias for
+ --keep-prerequisite. See the command's man page for details.
+ * The pkg-drop command now supports the following new options:
+ --keep-dependent|-K, --drop-prerequisite|-D, and --keep-prerequisite. See
+ the command's man page for details.
* Add support for repository authentication. The rep-create command can now
sign the repository, and cfg-fetch and rep-info commands can authenticate
the repository being fetched.