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+This package contains the build2 package manager.
+build2 is an open source, cross-platform toolchain for building and packaging
+C++ code. Its aim is a modern build system and package manager for the C++
+language that provide a consistent, out of the box interface across multiple
+platforms and compilers. For more information see:
+See the NEWS file for the user-visible changes from the previous release.
+See the LICENSE file for the distribution conditions.
+See the INSTALL file for the prerequisites and installation instructions.
+See the doc/ directory for documentation.
+Send questions, bug reports, or any other feedback to the users@build2.org
+mailing list. You can post without subscribing. See https://lists.build2.org
+for searchable archives, posting guidelines, etc.
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# license : MIT; see accompanying LICENSE file
d = bpkg/ doc/
-./: $d doc{INSTALL LICENSE version} file{manifest}
+./: $d doc{INSTALL LICENSE README version} file{manifest}
include $d
doc{INSTALL*}: install = false