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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-05-31Allow specifying system package that doesn't belong to any repository for pkg...Karen Arutyunov1-0/+6
2019-02-26Adjust to new aggregate initialization rules in C++20Boris Kolpackov1-0/+32
2019-01-16Update copyright yearKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1
2019-01-15Add support for $ in package manifest dependency constraintKaren Arutyunov1-0/+2
2018-09-11Close database schema versionBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2018-07-09Fix memory leak due to complement repository cyclesKaren Arutyunov1-12/+14
2018-07-09Adapt to repository_url(string) ctor throwing invalid_argument for empty stringKaren Arutyunov1-3/+3
2018-07-09Workaround for GCC bug #86441Boris Kolpackov1-1/+12
2018-06-15Default version epoch to oneKaren Arutyunov1-1/+5
2018-05-29Close database schema versionBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2018-05-24Adapt to inventing package_name typeKaren Arutyunov1-9/+17
2018-05-19Update copyright yearKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1
2018-05-10Fix package checksum mismatch for all repositories being fetchedKaren Arutyunov1-8/+2
2018-05-10Add support for --patch optionKaren Arutyunov1-0/+5
2018-05-03Add support for dependent repository trustKaren Arutyunov1-1/+2
2018-04-27Add support for repository fragmentsKaren Arutyunov1-96/+191
2018-04-19Implement git repository handling transition (phase 0)Karen Arutyunov1-2/+2
2018-04-19Implement dependency up/down-grade/unholdKaren Arutyunov1-12/+30
2018-04-19Replace --{drop,keep}-prerequisites with --keep-unusedBoris Kolpackov1-0/+8
2018-04-19Include drops into the overall planKaren Arutyunov1-5/+14
2018-04-19Implement build plan simulationKaren Arutyunov1-2/+31
2018-03-16Redo pkg-status outputBoris Kolpackov1-0/+5
2018-03-16Add support for version iterationKaren Arutyunov1-67/+242
2018-03-12Add support for shallow fetchKaren Arutyunov1-5/+19
2018-03-05Rename bpkg repository type to pkgKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1
2018-03-03Fix certificates and repositories directory names in commentsKaren Arutyunov1-2/+2
2018-03-02Update pkg-buildKaren Arutyunov1-21/+23
2018-03-02Update rep-fetchKaren Arutyunov1-6/+0
2018-02-26Add support for rep-list and rep-remove, update rep-addKaren Arutyunov1-0/+55
2018-02-22Rename repository state to fragmentBoris Kolpackov1-5/+6
2018-02-21Add support for pkg-checkoutKaren Arutyunov1-11/+24
2018-02-19Parse repositories and packages files for git repositoriesKaren Arutyunov1-1/+2
2018-02-12Use abbreviated to 16 chars SHA256 fingerprint as certificate idKaren Arutyunov1-12/+14
2018-02-12Clone and fetch git repositoriesKaren Arutyunov1-10/+14
2017-12-28Add repository type detectionKaren Arutyunov1-4/+19
2017-10-03Adapt to modularization of libbutlKaren Arutyunov1-2/+2
2017-08-28Use system_clock instead of timestamp::clockKaren Arutyunov1-1/+1
2017-05-01Adapt to adding hxx extension for headers and lib prefix for library dir in l...Karen Arutyunov1-3/+3
2017-05-01Fix incorrect identifierBoris Kolpackov1-1/+1
2017-05-01Add hxx extension for headers and lib prefix for library dirsKaren Arutyunov1-0/+917