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+# file : tests/config.testscript
+# copyright : Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Code Synthesis Ltd
+# license : MIT; see accompanying LICENSE file
+# Create an empty configuration that will be copied by subsequent tests and
+# scopes setup commands. The common approach will be that group scopes copy and
+# modify the parent scope configuration as required by the nested tests and
+# scopes. Tests will also clone the parent scope configuration to optionally
+# modify it, use and cleanup at the end. Note that configuration can not be
+# shared between multiple bpkg processes. Also we need to make sure that
+# configurations are not cloned while being used by bpkg.
++$cfg_create -d cfg 2>- &cfg/***
+# The most commonly used configuration cloning command that copies it from the
+# parent scope working directory.
+clone_cfg = cp -p -r ../cfg ./
+# Clones the original (presumably empty) configuration from the root scope
+# working directory.
+clone_root_cfg = cp -p -r $~/cfg ./
+# Setup a test command to use a cloned configuration directory by default.
+test.arguments += -d cfg