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Rename cfg-{add,fetch} to rep-{add,fetch} (aliases stay same)
The rationale: we now need the 'add' command for certificates (i.e., add a trusted certificate to the configuration). In the old naming scheme we would have to call it cfg-add which is already taken. In the new scheme we will call it crt-add.
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diff --git a/doc/cli.sh b/doc/cli.sh
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--- a/doc/cli.sh
+++ b/doc/cli.sh
@@ -54,9 +54,9 @@ o="--output-prefix bpkg- --class-doc bpkg::common_options=short"
compile "common" $o --output-suffix "-options" --class-doc bpkg::common_options=long
compile "bpkg" $o --output-prefix "" --suppress-undocumented --class-doc bpkg::commands=short --class-doc bpkg::topics=short
-pages="cfg-add cfg-create cfg-fetch help pkg-build pkg-clean pkg-configure \
-pkg-disfigure pkg-drop pkg-fetch pkg-install pkg-purge pkg-status \
-pkg-test pkg-uninstall pkg-unpack pkg-update pkg-verify rep-create rep-info"
+pages="cfg-create help pkg-build pkg-clean pkg-configure pkg-disfigure \
+pkg-drop pkg-fetch pkg-install pkg-purge pkg-status pkg-test pkg-uninstall \
+pkg-unpack pkg-update pkg-verify rep-add rep-create rep-fetch rep-info"
for p in $pages; do
compile $p $o